7 Ways to grow your Instagram following quickly

7 Ways to grow your Instagram following quickly

With Instagram growing popular every second, there are many reasons you may want to start an Instagram following today. Could be you want to create a community, build brand awareness, show your talents, or maybe you just want to be the next Instagram influencer. Here are some tips you can use to get started.

  1. Like and follow

One of the easiest things you can do when you are starting off is to find people with a common interest or in the same niche and like 5-10 of their photos, leave a genuine comment and follow their page. This allows you to get yourself out there so that other users will discover you. If you are not sure how to find users that are doing the same thing as you, you can find them by checking hashtags or view the followers of some of your favorite Instagrammers. Just remember, no one likes a spammer so stay authentic and real. Buying follower and likes may also be a decent idea to kickstart things. Check out comprare followers instagram for some prices and packages.

  1. Socialize

Be sure to leave something meaningful that will encourage others to keep posting and not just comment ‘hey, nice picture.’ People are more likely to approach you if they don’t think you’re a robot. By responding to comments on other user’s posts or your own, you will be creating communication that will confirm you are a real live person that is inviting to talk to.

  1. Start blogging

To keep people coming back for more you will need to be committed to at least posting once a day but more successful accounts have posted 2 to 3 photos a day.

You don’t always have to post photos but it helps in growing your account if you have some visually pleasing pictures that will draw people’s attention.

  1. Use hashtags#

Instagram is where hashtags truly matters and many power users take advantage of the 30-hashtag limit per a post by maxing it out every time they create a post. Make sure to use all 30 but use relevant keywords that relate to your Instagram.

  1. Using the right Hashtags

If you need ideas on what hashtags to use for the maximum 30, then you can do a search on the hashtags that are relevant to your brand and see similar posts from other users to determine what words they use. When you find the hashtags that suit your post you then can add those to max out your tags.

  1. Analyze Posts

Find out which post is getting the most positive responses and what works for other users. Also, note which times seem to be the best to put your content on your feed and don’t be afraid to experiment new things to see what works.

  1. Keep up with the times

As things change in social media it is key to our survival that we keep learning and adapt to changes. Right now, videos are booming and even if you are not used to being on camera it could be a real advantage use it in order to get people to know you and build trust. As new add-ons are being integrated like video, Stories, and Boomerang it’s important that you test these features and anything new to see what really works for you.

Here is a bonus tip: There are many ways you can grow your account, even more than I have covered so if one trick doesn’t work then try another. The important thing to realize is that it takes time to build anything so you need to stay consist and whatever you do, don’t ever give up.

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