How to grow and maintain growth of your Instagram account

If you are like many people with Instagram accounts, yours is probably not growing anywhere near as fast as you would like.

That is because there are now hundreds of millions of Instagram accounts all competing for attention. Making yours stand out takes time, work and sometimes even money.

If you would like to grow and maintain your Instagram account, however, here are a few things that can help.

Start following other people — Following other people and making a comment on one of their photos when you do can get their attention. It also usually means if you follow at least 10 new people every day, and then attract their attention with a comment, at least one of them will also start to follow you.

Liking other people’s photographs — Liking other people’s photographs can also help grow your Instagram account, as it is another way to attract their attention.

Just leaving a like, however, is not enough. Especially if you like photographs from a bigger account.

Instead, you should always leave a comment along with your like, and make it interesting, funny or something that will stand out. With this kind of comment and like, a percentage of those people whose photos you liked will then check out your account. Some of them will begin to follow you.

Posting your Instagram photos on other social media — If you have other social media accounts, make sure you also post your Instagram photographs there.

Some of your Twitter followers may then start to follow you on Instagram, and some of your friends and family on Facebook may suddenly realize you have an Instagram account and follow you as well.

Buying likes — You can, of course, also decide to buy real instagram likes to grow and maintain growth of your Instagram account.

This will make your photos appear to be popular, and may grab the attention of people who might like what they see and then decide to follow you.

Do be sure you only add likes to your best photographs, however, as it is a waste of money to buy likes for sub-standard photos.

Buying followers — If buying likes seems like a waste of time, buying followers may work better for you.

If you decide to do this, however, start very slowly with just 50 to 100 new followers to begin with. Then, a few days later, add 50 to 100 more.

If you buy followers at a slow pace like this, you will avoid the negative attention of Instagram and will make it look as though your account is growing naturally.

You can, of course, decide to let your Instagram account grow naturally but, unless you have an incredible account, that is going to take quite a long time to get you to the high number of followers you would like.

Instead, why not start doing a few of the things mentioned and see how fast you can get your account to grow?

Once it does grow, just remember to keep doing them so that you not only maintain the growth but improve upon it.

And to end things, here are some more organic tips to grow your IG account even further by using IG stories:


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