LED Technology vs. the Traditional T8 Fluorescent Bulb

LED replacement bulbs for T8 Fluorescent bulbs are exactly what the statement says. The T8 Fluorescent bulb has over the years been the cheapest choice for office lighting and high bay lighting. The LED lighting has heretofore been way to expensive, not only to purchase but the installation carried a high cost as well.

Why Choose the LED Technology Now?

It seems that the T8 bulbs were supposed to have a 3-year life and that is what they were warranted for, but in retrospect they were failing at 2.5 years. In actuality, they were touted to last for 40,000 hours, which is way over the 3 years they were supposed to last.

The LED technology has now come down in cost and are providing more options. The lifetime of the LED can’t be beat when compared to the T8.

The T8 Replacement Bulb

The LED replacement bulb for the T8 lighting fixtures is what is known as a direct replacement. This simply means that you won’t have to change ballast, providing it is an instant start ballast, or find an additional power source. The LED replacement bulb will not affect the UL listing of the T8 fixture either, and it carries a 5-year warranty.

Why Should You Consider Direct Replacement Bulbs?

Here are some fact-based reasons for you to consider this option when replacing your fluorescent bulbs.

The LED bulbs are more efficient by 30%, so you not only get more light but you are using less wattage. The LED only uses 22 watts while the T8 bulb uses 28 to32 watts

The LED provides a directional light source as it emits light at a 110-degree pattern while the T8 gives a 360-degree pattern. This means that the T8 is only giving off 30% of the light that is hitting the intended target.

The LED uses its energy to produce light, while most types of lighting sources use heat to generate the light. Therefore, a lot of business owners are choosing the LED over an incandescent, fluorescent, or metal halide bulb.

At the end of life, a T8 bulb simply burns out. The T8 end-of-life is 60% of the light output and this is about 14,400 hours. On the other hand, the LED end-of-life is 70% of the output and is roughly 50,000 hours. At this ratio, you will be replacing the T8 about 3.5 times.

Another pertinent and important fact is that the LED contains no Mercury or any type of glass content. It is estimated that there are only about 2 out of 10 T8 bulbs recycled in an effective manner. There are approximately 10 million bulbs sent to landfills each year. Those 10 million bulbs contain roughly 400 pounds of Mercury, a toxic waste, put into our landfills each year.

The LED also does not emit UV/IR light which causes eye strain and colors to fade.

It seems that they also make your air conditioning more efficient because they generate less heat than the T8, and they produce 70% more light.

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