Looking for a new VoIP provider?

If you have decided to sign up with a VoIP provider so you can make Internet-based phone calls, there are several things you should look for before you decide on just one.

After all, with so many VoIP providers out there and all of them offering various services, you do want to be sure the one you ultimately pick offers the exact service you need.

Start by getting recommendations — If you have not used a VoIP service before, start by asking those who have for recommendations.

You will find VoIP subscribers in online forums set up for users of VoIP services. Join a couple of forums and ask for recommendations. Be sure to let forum participants know what you need in a VoIP service as well, so they do not recommend providers that are not useful to you.

You will usually find you end up with a list of at least 10 recommended VoIP providers. You can then head back onto the Internet at large and start to research each one.

Researching VoIP providers — Look for information about the reputation of each VoIP provider you are researching as you want to know what users think about them.

Are they reliable? Does the service stay connected or are subscribers always getting kicked off their calls? Is the video clear if the service offers it? Is it easy to set up, easy to connect to the Internet and easy to use every time? Is the service safe and reputable?

Reviews written by users of the service will tell you much of this information. The providers’ own websites should tell you the rest.

Checking out each providers’ features — Once you have whittled your initial list down to just three or four, you will want to check out the features each of them offers.

Create a chart and every time you find out about another feature with one of the providers, place a check mark next to it on the chart. That way it is easy to keep track of which feature which VoIP provider offers and which they do not.

Within just a few minutes, you should have been able to narrow down the list even more to one or two VoIP providers. These are the ones you are now going to seriously consider.

Price comparisons — Your final comparison should be of the cost of each VoIP provider compared to the services they offer.

Be sure you compare the price per month, along with the cost of any additional features so that you can do a fair price comparison with each. Also be sure to include some of the free services, as sometimes they offer almost comparable services for no cost at all.

At the end of all this, choose both a paid service and a free service so you have a choice of two every time you need to make a call. You can then use the paid service if you require additional features, and the free service if you do not.

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