Sky Q: The next generation box review (UK)

There is a new technology coming to consumers who have been using Sky+ for the past 15 years, and it looks to be a much improved version that is sure to delight audiences. Sky Q will be the name, and there will be two versions the latter of which will be called Sky Q Silver to denote its premium additions, if you have specific questions, just contact sky. It is just about ready for the rollout this year, 2017.

To really review all of this you have to fully outfit the home with the various set-top boxes so that each room is connected via a broadband router in order to provide the “whole house” experience that Sky Q is aiming for. The central concept is that a customer can go from room to room or even to an iPad or similar device and continue watching whichever entertainment venue that they have on deck for the evening. It is the next evolution in smart tv boxes with a proprietary spin from the company.

First off it should be understood what Sky Q is not going to be. It definitely is no Netflix or Google Chromecast that will allow customers to stream various content offerings. No, instead this is going to be a product targeted only at existing (or new) Sky customers which will still retain the flavor of satellite as that will be where live broadcasting and such will still be received. However, it still retains much of the existing functionality of Sky+ that customers are used to. That means that the hard drive is ready to take on the task of recording shows so that they are not missed and the internet can be used to stream in content when there is a need to catch up on things.

The hardware is either a 2TB hard disk (350 hours of HD viewing) or a 1TB (150 hours) version depending on whether the customer opts for the premium silver edition. Sky Q Mini boxes are the ones that are meant to be placed strategically throughout the house in order to pick up what the main box is sending over the Wi-fi. The amount of tuners differs slightly which can have an impact on how many shows and recordings can be done at once, so that may be an important consideration if there are a lot of people in the household. The remote is redesigned with bluetooth as the means it uses to transfer the user input to the system. There is also a new touchpad at the top which modernizes the way interaction is done by getting rid of the clutter that was the directional toggles.

The menu home screen and subsequent navigation has all been completely remodeled for this new iteration. There are a host of new features and suggestions which should keep even the most jaded viewer occupied for some time trying to check everything out. Customers can opt for either the Sky Q or Sky Q Silver package for £42 or £54 a month, and from this review it is definitely worth the price for all of the work that the company has put into making things great again.

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