Smart Gadgets that Every Home Needs

Want to transform your home into a smart home? You just need a few of these gadgets in your home and label your house a smart house.

  • 1. Smart Surveillance Camera – it is easy-to-install-camera that allows you to view the different part of your houses within its range through your smartphone. This camera is connected to a Wireless Fidelity or Wi-Fi which enables a user to observe and monitor his or her house in a faraway distance. It has a mount full of magnets and water resistant components to protect it from the influence of water and fire. A smart surveillance camera’s capability ranges from 720 pixels to 1080 pixels with 180 degrees angle of viewing. This surveillance camera doesn’t function without movements, thus, starting its recording state when detecting motions inside or outside your house. Your smartphone can connect to at most 20 different cameras of the same system and you can observe 5 surveillance cameras at a time.
  • 2. Smart Bulb – a smart bulb is one source of illumination in your room on which it changes color depending on your preference. With the use of Led technology, these smart bulbs efficiently help you in terms of energy saving. Although costing a little bit high in the present time, smart bulbs are cost friendly in the long run. It may last up to 20 years if use for 4 hours a day and 7 days a week. This bulb does not only function as a light-changing device but can also be set as an alarm clock that wakes you up with colors and style. Smart bulbs are commonly used in entertainment rooms, bedrooms and theatrical rooms on where different lights are needed.
  • 3. Smart vacuum cleaners – these vacuum cleaners are termed as robotic vacuum cleaners or “Robovac”. These vacuum cleaners replace the work of a maid in the matter of cleaning the floor. Robovac has an artificial intelligence program that allows it to move on its own even without the user’s commands. Robovac is programmed to function early in the morning and detects dust, dirt, and other garbage. It is also infused with mopping, sanitizing, and freshening components. While cleaning, the house, Robovac releases a sweet aroma in the air which gives your home sweet scented smells. If the trash bin is full, Robovac has the ability to empty out its garbage and dust compartment. After working for 30 minutes, this robotic vacuum cleaner charges itself in its pad and will later on function upon the detection of dust and wastes.
  • 4. Smart faucet – these faucets are very efficient in terms of saving water. It has motion sensors that only detects hand movements and will run water upon the detection of your hands. If you remove your hands in the range of its sensor, it will immediately stop, thus, conserving water. It is also programmed with certain gestures for different commands. You can use hot water, cold water or even keep the water running without your hands by signaling hand gestures.
  • 5. Smart Door – these are doors with motion sensors attached to a camera inside its body. This allows the owners of the home to view who is in front of their doors. Other smart doors are card enabled doors that open only upon the swipe of an identification card.
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