The PS4 Can Support External Hard Drives

The next software update from Sony for the PlayStation 4 will be adding a much-awaited feature to its console. This will be in the form of external hard drive (See also: PS4 Slim HDD). In fact, those who had Xbox One had been doing this for a long time. But in case of PS4 owners, the only option was the replacing of internal drive in order to expand storage. Besides, Sony had tried to make this replacing of the internal storage as simple as possible. Still, it required the unscrewing of the internal drive followed by the reinstalling of the system software. Then the data will have to be copied all over again.

In the upcoming Sony software Version 4.50, it would become possible to plug in the USB 3.0 hard drive to the PS4. This way it becomes possible to get more space instantly. It will be able to support hard drives that are up to 8TB. The content that is installed on these external drives will be displayed in the PS 4 software besides anything else that may be present on the internal drive.

This update from Sony will have several more tiny features. These include custom wallpapers, besides simplified notifications, and support being provided for viewing the 3D Blu-rays in virtual reality by making use of a PlayStation VR.


This update from Sony will be rolled out first to those users who have signed up for the PS4 beta program. This will be followed by a final rollout for all users. In this way, Sony is bringing external hard drives support to the PlayStation 4.


This software update will ensure that PS4 owners can download, install, as well as access games on their external hard drive. Till now the PlayStation 4 owners had been stuck as they were using an internal hard drive that had just 500 GB capacity. This is why many people opted for upgrading their PS4 hard drive. This was not something that many people felt comfortable in doing. The Version 4.50 of PS4 system software from Sony is providing an easier option.


The version 4.50 of PS4 is also codenamed as Sasuke. It is providing full support for the USB 3.0 hard disk drives that provide up to 8 TB of storage space. All that is required is to simply plug in the external hard drive into the PS4. Instantly there is extra storage available for storing more games than ever before.


In addition, it is possible to download as well as install games along with applications directly into the external hard drive. These will show up on the home screen along with anything else that is stored on the internal hard drive.


The new features for Sasuke include a new Boost Mode. This will help to improve the appearance as well as the speed of older games that are already present on the PS4 Pro. It will also make it possible to add custom wallpapers, along with drop shadows. The simplified notification feature will condense everything into a single tab. The Quick Menu can be accessed by a long press being made on the PS button.

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