VPN Servers that are Suitable for Canadians


The use of the internet is at an all-time high. Information is now easily accessible as compared to the earlier days. However, with the increase in the use of the internet, a new threat is being realized. The level of security breaches on the internet is rising and continues to grow. Unless there is a regulation put in place, cyber-stalking and hacking will continue to remain a massive threat to internet users. Corporations have opted to use Virtual Private Network (VPN) to protect their sensitive data. VPN helps create a level of privacy by safeguarding a user’s IP address by replacing it with a VPN IP address.

Use of VPN in Canada

When it comes to internet freedom index, Canada is ranked third. However, this country faces significant cyber regulations from the government to avoid cases of terrorism or any other major threats to the nation. Internet users in the country are recipients to surveillance and data retention. A restriction has been placed on the Canadians when it comes to online streaming of contents. The need for privacy has contributed to the use of VPN by many Canadians. Canada VPN provides an encryption service that protects the user by providing a new IP address and location. An individual seeking a good VPN service provider should watch out for some factors such as high security, a tighter private policy, and a stronger encryption system. Ensure that you also choose a VPN that is more user-friendly and one that can connect to multiple devices.

Best VPN Services for Canada

  • NordVPN. This provider has a broad range of servers that operate in over 50 countries. The server does not retain or record any content of your traffic. This provider is best for people who want to maintain a high-security level. NordVPN offers a free trial period that lasts for seven days. Users can use six devices simultaneously on one subscription.
  • IPVanish. This service provider also does not maintain any content. As a result, there is total privacy. It has 26 server locations in Canada. It has a high-speed level. However, with IPVanish, there is no free trial period. It is also not cheap, but it offers a money back guarantee that lasts for seven days.
  • ExpressVPN. This service provider has many servers across Canada and is the best for mobile users. It has a high-speed rate and a good performance level. The service provider, however, does not provide a free trial period. On the other hand, it gives a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • IVPN. This VPN service provider does not have many servers in Canada; however, it has made it on this list because of its excellent performance level. It also does not maintain any logs and has a good security system that consists of firewalls and Multi-Hop.
  • Buffered. Buffered operates in 37 countries, Canada being one of them. The service provider does not keep any user content. Therefore, there is a guarantee when it comes to security. It has a fast connection. However, mobile users cannot implement it.
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